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Drive Systems and Stripped Chassis

Drive Systems and Stripped Chassis

Customized drive systems and stripped chassis for your custom application

If you have a custom engineering project and need a proven, reliable vehicle chassis and drive system, take a look at what Wisconsin Engineering can offer. We′ll be glad to share our experience and help you develop the best solution for your design needs.



The drive system for commercial mowing and compact tractor applications is one of the least glamorous, but one of the most important element of a successful design. A fully laden commercial mower, for example, can weigh as much as a small car and gets subjected to much harsher use. In particular, rapid forward-reverse cycles with a fully-loaded machine on dry concrete puts a huge strain on every component involved, as does bouncing over curbs and holes. It′s a tough environment, and yet these machines are expected to work without fail for many years. Our chassis and drive systems have been designed, tested, and refined to deal with these issues.

  Tractor Rear Axle


Unlike most utility tractors, Wisconsin Engineering tractors are based on modular design rather than a monolithic construction. Modifications can typically be made without costly re-tooling expenses and remain feasible for low volumes. Independent steel frames makes it much easier to add features such as brackets, holes, and custom assemblies as welding on different components is more manageable for lower volumes than changing a suppliers casting.

  Articulating Chassis