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Review of the W2500

Name: Harry, Netherlands.
Source: Email comment

A few weeks ago I bought a Lawnmower labeled with "powered with Honda" and "4422". I could not find any info about this lawnmower. I searched on internet and I found a brand that looked similar as mine. This brand was greenstar 4422. Then I found also the connection to Wisconsin engineering and I send an e-mail to with questions for help and some info.

I want to fix this lawnmower because I liked it, it is a heavy, strong build, good looking lawnmower with a 20hp Honda engine and electric grass catcher lift.

After a while I got an e-mail from miss Petra Olmrova employee by Wisconsin Engineering CZ with answers to my questions and info with manual and parts catalog. Now I know that it is an W2500 and I can go on and finish what I started.

I am very impressed about the quality of this lawnmower and the service of Wisconsin Engineering because it was only a lawnmower from 1998!!

Review of the W-3600 Diesel

Name: Adam, Richmonds Groundcare, UK.
Source: Visit to Wisconsin Engineering factory.

The W-3600/W-3800 Pirana Diesel is a well built sturdy machine with an excellent cut and collect system. Local councils have been extremely impressed with the versatility of the machine.


Review of the W-1600

Name: John, Ireland.
Source: Email comment

I have had this mower for the last five years and without a doubt it is the best mower that I have ever used. I cut approximately half an acre of lawn on 20 occasions each year and have no problems with the mower. I especially like the fact that it will cut the grass when it is wet -which is most of the time with our Irish climate. Tell your technical staff to keep up the good work!
W-1600 Customer Review

Review of the W-3500

Name: Macek, Czech Republic.

The W-3532 is a refined, quality, robust machine. I′m never afraid that I will damage it. It’s an honest piece of iron, not any thin sheet metal as in other models. The weight of about 430 kg speaks for itself. With this weight it has great traction and stability, does not even need 4x4. I drive on snow. With the trailer I haul wood, bricks, and everything. Even well fully loaded the tractor pulls it perfectly fine.

My property is 7000 square meters with slopes. Mowing takes 4 hours (lots of trees) and 10 l of fuel. The blades are perfectly designed. The tunnel never gets blocked. It features automatically emptying of the really huge collector. Another big advantage is the hydraulic steering. You realize that after sitting on a tractor without power. It′s really hard work without it. Disadvantages: it doesn’t have cruise control. I personally do not mind, because I do not have a straight area and I have to dodge trees. Occasionally I mow football fields and it would be nice to have cruise control, but it’s not an insurmountable problem.

It was more expensive than Italian-made machines but there′s no comparison. The Italian machines have weak front axels, thin sheet metal blades, and only manual collector tipping, which is really hard.

You will love it. It′s relaxing and I’ve had it at least 10 years without significant maintenance. The price really matches the quality. Highly recommend it. It’s a darling. Do not hesitate.

W-3500 Customer Review

Review of the W-2900

Name: Mike, Republic of Ireland.
Source: Email Comment

I have been repairing machinery for 20 years and can say that I am impressed with your company′s build quality. Wisconsin Engineering’s machines do their job so well that my customers can only praise them.

In my opinion they have no equal. Wisconsin has really set new standards. Irish grass conditions are the most demanding in Europe, but Wisconsin Engineering’s machines make light work of it.

W-2900 Customer Review

Review of the W-3800 Piranha Diesel

Name: John, Republic of Ireland.
Source: Phone Comment

Cutting is my business and my W-3800 is a fantastic machine. It completely outperforms the Japanese models. It has no problem in wet and tall conditions. I have nothing but good things to say about your machine. I want to buy a second machine with high tip collector.

W-3800 Piranha Diesel